NaPoWriMo: Day 22

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There is so much
To fight for, so much
Wrong here. So much
Beauty, but so much
Wrong. But our phones
Are distractions.
They let us forget.
Our phones
And the Mail Online.

NPWM: Catch-up (Day 12)

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Homeless in Catalonia

Moving through the Plaça Reial
She sings.
Her voice
Thick and raw as her feet are,
Browned and coffee-ground as her skin
And those hands
Not yet forgetful of how flowers feel –
Red carnations, emblems of charity and hope –
Plummet into bins.
That voice, though, rises above it all –
Doesn’t fit. If an artist could draw it,
The speech-bubble with the minims
And semibreves wouldn’t come
From her mouth; the grace notes
Surely too graceful to belong to someone
Who owns nothing
Because poverty is not supposed to sound this way.
Yet in reality – in the Royal Plaza, at least – it does,
Although not the sound of beauty, 
Just the sound of the truth.

NPWM: Catch-up (Day 11)

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A week in Barcelona threw me off the NPWM bandwagon a little, but I managed to journal during some Spanish downtime. Two days’ worth at least – that’s something, right? I am still behind, but writing something everyday – or trying to – has worked wonders in general. So, here’s to keeping the ball rolling…


Day 11: Sagrada Família

Like most things,
Smaller in real life.
Less impressive than imagined? 
I think
It’s important to see
Things for yourself
Be able to say (again, for yourself)
Which moments did not take 
Your breath away
And not feel bad about it.
I am sure 
Gaudi doesn’t care too much, right now,
What I think
But if he were alive
I would say
‘Thank you
For doing this, señor’
It has been great to see
What all the talk was for,
But most of all
‘Thank you for showing
That works in progress
Are works of art
Nobody who sees your building now
Will forget this.’
But for now, I won’t go inside.
I will return
When I can afford it
And when it is finished.


NPWM: Day 6

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In a dream
Two of me
Were sat on the train
On the home straight
To our home station.
But we’d gotten on late
So we were sat
In the final carriage,
The one with
The windowless door.

I like to sit
Two thirds from the back
Or one third from the front,
If you will,
So that the exit
From the station is clean.

But in this dream
We got on at the back.
We jumped on late, see?
Then she,
This other Me,
Did something strange.
Took her head off my shoulder,
Got up, walked down the aisle
And got off at the next stop.

Then got on again.

And so, and then the same,
Slowly working
Her way to the front.

Of all the commuters
On this train,
Who travelled
The furthest?

When I got off
She was gone;
She was almost
Already home.

NPWM: Day 5

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My diary and I
Have become as distant friends are:
Too much to catch up on
With insufficient words
And a newfound shyness
Where there once was ease.

Or maybe we are as old lovers.
Who, having missed each other,
Are working out ways to come back
To what we had before.

Either way, it doesn’t matter
What we were back then.
I only hope we make it there once more,
Or friends again.

NPWM: Day 4

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Walking home from work

Our Friday night flautist plays

Music for sore ears.









National Poetry Writing Month

NPWM: Day 3

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Sleep seems a long way from here.

Eyelids are drooping, lashes matted,

But like any good driver

I glue my gaze to the right side

Of the white lines

And lust for long nights

And distant times

Unmeasured by alarms

That I don’t obey






National Poetry Writing Month